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Mapping Vermont's historic markers

Finding the roadside marker furthest from a road

Villages and Ballfields

Using OSM to find ballfields and village centers

Finding Watershed Triple Points

Postgis for fun and profit

Moving to Github Pages

Simplify, simplify, simplify


Famous Vermonters

Ranking the people that have called Vermont home


Vermont Town Tracker

Creating a multi-user application using MEAN

A Sanborn Map For Every New Tab

Building my own Chrome extension

The Secret of the Old Mill

The economic geography of Cambridgeport in 1869

Teaching a Dumbphone New Tricks

Building an SMS-based google maps client

Sanborn Redux

Putting Southeastern VT on the map


Hills, Brooks, Ponds and Farms

Counting Road Name Frequency by Town

Standing up a Basic REST API using Flask

Building pretty URLs for

Social Media and Python

Scraping the web and posting to Twitter and Slack

DC Fire Stations

Mapping historic and current fire stations

All Star Infields

Searching for a team to match the 2016 Cubs

Mapping One Pixel at a Time

Rendering tiles dynamically using HTML5 canvas

Hockey Hometowns

Mapping Hockey Player's Birthplaces

Mapping Holiday Cards

Turning a holiday card list into migration data


Vermont's Historic Sites

Geolocating historic markers across the state

O Vermonters!

Identity and politics in the Green Mountain State

Static static static

Lessons learned from a pricey AWS database


Exploring Montpelier in 1915

Bringing Sanborn maps into the Digital Age

Mapping Honky Tonk Tuesday

Scraping data from, researching the original artists, then mapping their birthplace

Migrating to Jekyll

The search for a lightweight CMS



Headed to Ghana-- back in a few.

Verifying an E911 Physical Address

Leveraging Vermont's buildings dataset to improve user-submitted address data.

Hello World!

And welcome to Mapping Vermont!