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Villages and Ballfields

I was reading about Irasburg today, and learned that from 1812 - 1886 it was the shire town of Orleans County. That made some sense to me - I’ve always thought it was a pretty grand place, up there on that plateau.

One of the reasons I like it so much is the central ballfield on the town green. Lots of villages in Vermont have the town green, but few nestle a ballfield into the back corner.

I got to thinking - is this the closest town center to a ballfield in all of Vermont? The town I grew up in - Grafton - also has a ballfield close by, but it’s a little bit hidden, and up a few hundred feet from the store.

Let’s use OSM to try and help us answer this question.


First we’ll use overpass turbo to export the OSM data.


out geom;


out geom;

We’ll also download natural earth for a state of Vermont shape:


Then let’s load everything into PostGIS:

ogr2ogr -f Postgresql "PG:dbname=charliehofmann" ne_10m_admin_1_states_provinces.shp \
  -where "name = 'Vermont'" -t_srs "EPSG:32145" -overwrite -lco GEOMETRY_NAME=geom -nln vermont
ogr2ogr -f Postgresql "PG:dbname=charliehofmann" ballfields.geojson -t_srs "EPSG:32145" \
  -lco GEOMETRY_NAME=geom -nln ballfields
ogr2ogr -f Postgresql "PG:dbname=charliehofmann" populated_place.geojson -t_srs "EPSG:32145" \
  -lco GEOMETRY_NAME=geom -nln place


Now the fun part - let’s find all the places and ballfields within Vermont, then find the top 10 that are closest to each other.

  -- find the closest ballfield to each Vermont place,
  -- as well as the distance
     DISTINCT ON (vermont_place.ogc_fid), round(ST_Distance(vermont_place.geom, ballfields.geom)::decimal, 0)  as dist
  FROM ( -- Vermont places only
    select place.ogc_fid,, place.geom
    FROM place
    JOIN vermont
    ON ST_Intersects(place.geom, vermont.geom)
  ) vermont_place, ballfields
  ORDER BY vermont_place.ogc_fid, ST_Distance(vermont_place.geom, ballfields.geom)
) place_ballfield_pairs
ORDER BY 2 -- order by distance to find the top 10 closest

And the results:

name distance (m)
Irasburg 108
Waterbury Center 115
South End (Burlington neighborhood) 116
Lyndon Center 144
Shelburne 160
North Bennington 166
Quechee 171
Fair Haven 171
Newport Center 174
Killington 198

Irasburg: still undefeated 👑

OSM place point in yellow, OSM ballfield location in pink. If anything the 108 m measurement is too large - it really is right in the center of town.