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DC Fire Stations

I’ve never thought of myself a fire station enthusiast. In Vermont, fire stations resemble many of the other buildings downtown: three story brick structures, dating to the late 1800s. Fire stations in DC are similar, but often the surrounding buildings have changed, leaving the fire stations alone to show what the city might have looked like one hundred years ago.

In addition to their historical value, I was struck by the consistency in architectural form. Many appear to be built from the same blueprint– two tall bays for the engines, rounded windows above each bay, and a flagpole protruding out into the street.

While researching these structures I found Mike Legeros’ DC Fire Station site. I was fully prepared to conduct my own inventory, walking around the city and photographing each building, only to find out that he’s already done it. He’s also included great notes on each station, like this for Company E5 on 3210 M St:

Opened as Engine 7 on Jan. 23, 1885. Relocated to 347 K St. SW on Sep. 12, 1940. 
Opened as Engine 4 Sep. 12, 1940. Engine 4 relocated to 2531 Sherman Ave. NW 
on Oct. 22, 1976. 

I’ve mapped Mike’s work, including photos and descriptions, here:

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