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Vermont Town Tracker

When I first started this website in 2013, one of my goals was to track my progress in the 251 Club. I had it all planned out– I’d keep track of my progress in a Google spreadsheet and join the data dynamically to a Leaflet map for visualization. After I got this up and running, I could add different tabs for friends who wanted to map their towns. Not at all intuitive or scalable, but totally fun!

In the years since, I’ve set my web development sights a little bit higher. Why not make this an actual “production” website, where users could have a profile and edit their progress on an actual map? I had some experience with Leaflet, and had been wanting to try out the MEAN stack for development. I found a great tutorial on MEAN user management and was off to the races.

The rest, as they say is history. If you’re interested, please create a profile here and start tracking your progress: